Children of the Grape


Winery visits, great wine we've tasted, what we think about what's going on in the wine industry, and a whole lot more.

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Want to know what we think about different wines we have tasted? Check them out here.

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Wine and Music

Ever Notice how often wine is included in song lyrics? We didn't either until we started looking into it.

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Since 1993

We Love Wine

I bet you do too, or you wouldn't be reading our website. You know the things we love best about wine? Drinking it, enjoying it, sharing it...

You know what we don't love about wine? Feeling stupid. Having someone make us feel like a wine-nubes or a fool because we can't taste the subtle, velvety, refined, jammy, chewy tannins in that wine we just sipped. Thanks...

Welcome to a place where you will never feel stupid. All of us here are Children of the Grape. We all love wine and want to learn more about what we love, not learn how to impress the next sommelier we run across.

Come in, learn a little, enjoy a lot. We would love to hear from you!