About Us


  • 2022 Lake Garda, Lombardia Italy
  • 2021 Eugene, Oregon
  • 2020 Virtual Summit
  • 2019 Hunter Valley, NSW Australia
  • 2018 Walla Walla, Washington
  • 2017 Santa Rosa, California

Our Story

Born out of our love of fine wines and delicious food, Children of the Grape has an interesting backstory.

It all started years ago in Apple Hill, Eldorado County California. A weekend of fall fun in the gold country involving some craft fair shopping, apple pie buying, and wine tasting. While heading from pie tasting to wine tasting, a couple of us heard we were going to the craft fair first, then wine tasting. I guess we were wrong.

We found a killer parking spot, very close to the craft fair, much further away from the winery as we were to discover. I should also mention there is poor to no cell service in this area. We waited…

Not seeing the other car after waiting awhile, we Scooby Doo’ed that they went to winery first. A quick discussion and we were agreed, we were not giving up this parking spot. We would walk. We had seen the sign, how far could it be? That far and further…

At some point while walking down the gravel road we decided to save some steps by cutting through the vineyard. We gained some time yet left our souls among the grapes waiting to be harvested. Grapevines clung to us, tugging at our hair and clothes, pulling and trying to drag us deeper and deeper into the dark interior of the vineyard.

As we struggled with the vines and broke into the clear with the sunlight reflecting off of the Madrona Vineyards sign we felt we were transformed, much as the children in Stephen King’s Children of the Corn had been, and we were now the Children of the Grape.

Meet the Team

We love all the drinking, eating, and loving life that we need to do to share this information with you. We would love to hear from you!



Janet is a designer trapped in a beautiful world, yet struggles everyday believing the world can be made to be even more beautiful. And in fact, is made more beautiful with wine.



Steve spends his days living in the software world of Silicon Valley, dreaming of a day when he can live as a wino hobo riding a wine train. Steve is a viticulturist, winemaker, wine writer, and wine industry speaker. He has visited wineries on four different continents, as well as wineries in more than twenty States and several Canadian provinces. He is a member of the Nevada Grape Growers and Winemakers Association, the American Society for Enology and Viticulture, the Biodynamic Demeter Alliance, an Aragón Wine Expert, a B.C. Wine Ambassador, and monthly wine columnist for the Reno News and Review.



Whether educating children or educating Children of the Grape followers, Susie was born to teach. Not only what to do, but also what not to do.