Is drinking wine one secret to a happy marriage?

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I read an article by Mari A. Schaefer titled “Is drinking wine one secret to a happy marriage?”. This article was based on a recent report in The Journals of Gerontology. The gist of the story is that couples that drink wine together are happier. Duh. Who isn’t happier with wine? Let me see if I can break this story down more.

The study looked at 2,767 heterosexual couples who both drank wine. I’m not sure if the results would be different in a LGBT relationship and since all my personal experience is in heterosexual marriages, yes plural, I’ll stick to analyzing those covered in the study.

Studies show there are specific behaviors in relationships that lead to long lasting relationships. Not all lists agree however, just like spouses. However there are some that have high commonality.

The first that was somewhat universal is to have more positive interactions than negative interactions. So they are telling me that if I have more good days than bad days I’ll stay married? Thanks Captain Obvious, here is another thing that is obvi, drinking wine together is a good day. Drinking wine together every day will make sure this box stays checked.

The second behavior that I saw that was universal was to accept that your spouse is not going to change. You can’t change their annoying behavior, you can only change how you feel about it. How better to change your attitude than with a glass or six of wine. Drinking wine together allows you to both change your attitudes together. This is a beautiful thing.


The third and the last common statement I’m going to mention is to understand marriage is hard work. I couldn’t agree more, and what is better after a hard day of work than a nice glass of wine? If you are both working, you both need the wine. A sure sign your partner isn’t working on the relationship is when they don’t need a drink…

So is drinking wine one secret to a happy marriage? It pains me to conclude that drink wine isn’t a cause of a happy marriage, however it is a sign of a health relationship. Whining in a relationship will not keep it together, wine-ing together will.


Steve spends his days living in the software world of Silicon Valley, dreaming of a day when he can live as a wino hobo riding a wine train.